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Lunt 80mm H-alpha Solar Telescope - LS80THa/B1800FTPT

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Product Details

Lunt 80mm H-alpha Solar Telescope - LS80THa/ B1800FTPT

Complete H-alpha Solar Telescope with 80mm aperture and <0.7 Angstrom bandwidth. With new air-pressure tuning system, zoom eyepiece, Sol-Searcher, Starlight Instruments Feather-Touch focuser, and B1800 Blocking Filter, that provides a smaller vignetting for imaging!

The LS80THa is a complete Solar Telescope, a precision aligned ED refractor with a fully un-obstructed 80mm optical aperture and 560mm focal length. An internal etalon with new air-pressure tuning adjustment allows for a <0.7 Angstrom bandwidth. This "Pressure Tuner" system allows a better Etalon adjustment than other systems. The ?Pressure Tuner? system adapted the Etalon to varying altitudes and atmospheric pressures for always optimal performance.

Blocking Filter is the B1800, that provides a smaller vignetting for imaging. The star diagonal in which the blocking filter is installed, is equipped as standard for 1.25" eyepieces and with a T2 camera connection.

Fine adjustment is achieved with Starlight Instruments high-end focuser Feather Touch with 10:1 reduction.

Technical data:
?Aperture: 80mm (ED refractor, unobstructed)
?Focal length: 560 mm
?Bandwidth: internal Etalon with <0,7 Angstrom
?Tuning: air-pressure tuning system
?Blocking Filter: B1800 with 1.25" and T2 connection
?Focuser: Starlight Instruments Feather Touch with 10:1 reduction
?Weight: 4 kg

The telescope is upgradeable with the new DSII double-stack system. The optional DSII is a internal double stack module with "Pressure Tuner", that provides a bandwidth <0.5 Angstrom. In addition to the "Pressure Tuner" has the DSII module the advantage that there are no more Energy-Rejection-Filter installed, unlike front-mounted double-stack filters. The ERF are allready in the telescope. Therefore the sun's image is brighter and prominences can be better observed than with conventional double-stack systems.

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