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LVI SG2 Smartguider en Imaging Control Center

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Product Details

LVI SG2 Smartguider and Imaging Control Center

Any Astro-Photographer very well knows that perfect autoguiding is vital for achieving pinpoint resolution in spite of the many hours required for collecting light with various filters and modern CCDs and DSLR-cameras. But that's not all. Successful imaging is the result of a complex process that requires various electronical components to flawlessly cooperate in unison. However - in many cases, this process is not flawless as too many different devices must be controlled at once through a PC or Laptop.


The SG 2 REFLEX-software implemented into the MGA-device controls a variety of Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony cameras by offering the same control parameters that are usually managed by second party commercial software.

  • Single shot exposure or multiple exposure control
  • Bracketing - when activated the camera automatically images in a user-defined sequence
  • Time out control between consecutive exposures - for sensor cooling.
  • Mirror lock - prevents vibrations caused by mirror flip prior to releasing the shutter
  • Dark frame capture - when activated, the camera automatically starts taking darks
  • Time out - When activated the DSLR starts to capture images after a preset time only
  • Statistical info - two screens in the SG2 hand control unit display all preset parameters


The SG 2 FOCUS-software in the MGA unit controls the Starlight-FeatherTouch MSM-motor focuser - as well as Baader-Steeltrack focusers equipped with Baader-Steeldrive. The MGA also does supply power to the focus motor through 3 x AA batteries mounted inside the MGA unit - and it supports following operations:

  • Focuser model selection - selects your model of focuser from an internal database
  • Automatic calibration - automatically calibrates for absolute focus position (homing)
  • Temperature compensation - compensates for temperature induced focus offset by reading the thermo probe
  • Temperature coefficient self-learning - automatic "self-learning" function of temperature coefficient
  • Permanent saving - permanently saves a preset T-coefficient.
  • Manual adjustment - supports manual fine adjustment/override of preset T-coefficient.
  • Statistical info - provides statistical info and displays preset parameters via the SG 2 hand control


The autoguiding port in the MGA unit features state of the art optocoupled ports enabling non-simultaneous corrections of RA and DEC axis individually. These elaborate control functions are vital for perfect autoguiding also with older Losmandy #492 "Digital Drive" (and the like) mounts. A dedicated AUTOSTAR port enables perfect autoguiding with all Meade mounts equipped with Autostar #497 (LX90 and LXD55/75) . It offers an ease of use never before thought possible.

In comarison to the LVI SG1 Guider newly implemented software functions:

  • DITHERING: enables an ever so small small frame displacement between single guiding frames when activated. This procedure kills cold pixels ("black holes" in the raw image) prevailant in any guiding camera, while the celestial target remains perfectly stationary at the imaging sensor of the CCD- or DSLR-camera
  • PULSE GUIDE: controlls and finetunes the duration of corrective pulses. Together with the AGGRESSIVENESS-function, this new function helps to eliminate overcorrection (hysteresis)
  • THRESHOLD: supports the removal of hot pixels by adjusting the background noise level. Pixels having an ADU value lower than threshold value are not considered by SmartGuider 2 camera while searching for a guide star. This avoids hot pixels from beeing recognized as fake stars.
  • MAX EXPOSURE: limits maximum exposure time to adjust on camera sensitivity

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