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Bright Star Atlas 2000.0 - Tirion & Skiff

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Product Details

Some years ago we purchased a pair of used binoculars and tucked them away in the car. It's amazing how many times they have come in handy during the daylight hours and it is one of life's little satisfactions to pause beside the road on a starry night and look at the stars. All that was lacking was a nice inexpensive atlas to accompany the binoculars. The Bright Star Atlas is intended just for this purpose. This 10 map atlas of the night sky is drawn by Wil Tirion and is based upon the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogs with a stellar limiting magnitude of 6.5. Opposite each full page map Brian Skiff of the Lowell Observatory has prepared a tabular listing of interesting objects visible in binoculars or small telescopes. These include galaxies, open clusters, diffuse nebulae, bright nebulae, planetary nebulae, double stars, and variable stars. Atlas includes a set of seasonal star maps to help orient the user to the night sky throughout practically the entire populated world. Objects in Skiff's catalog are also listed in cross referenced tables. Ideal companion atlas to the larger Sky Atlas 2000.0 or Uranometria 2000.0.
Product Specificaties

Bright Star Atlas 2000.0 - Tirion & Skiff:

  • Atlas voor de beginnende amateurastronoom;
  • Herziene druk;
  • Sterrenkaarten met sterren tot magnitude +6,5;
  • 600 deep-sky objecten;
  • 32 pagina's;
  • Zachte kaft.
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