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Finger Lakes Instruments Hyperion HP4710-1-MB Back Illuminated CCD - gr1

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Finger Lakes Instruments Hyperion HP4710-1-MB Back Illuminated CCD - grade 1

The Hyperion Cooled CCD camera is designed for applications that require a thin profile without a sacrifice in performance or image quality. The Hyperion offers deep sensor cooling, high frame rates, low-noise and can accept a wide range of sensors including monochrome, front-illuminated, back-illuminated, interline and color. Available in a liquid or air cooled version.
Ideal for OEM, life science, and astronomy applications.
Sensor Cooling up to 65°C below ambient (air cooled)
Air or Liquid Cooling Available
Interline sensor operation at 12 MHz (16-bit)
Full frame sensor operation up to 12 MHz (16-bit)
Dual Super Coated AR Window
Heavy weight performance in a 2.8 lbs package
Liquid or Air Cooled base
RBI Anti-Ghosting Technology standard
Video mode with interline sensors - focus and center images live!
Thin Front to Back Design
Reaches operating temperatures in 5 minutes!

HP4710 Midband Sensor Specs
Sensor: E2V CCD47-10-1-353
Pixels: 1024 x 1024
Pixel Size: 13 ?m
Full Well Capacity: 100,000 e-
Sensor Diagonal: 18.8 mm
Video Size (inch) : 1.2
Anti Blooming: None
Color Options: Monochrome
CCD Type: Back Illuminated
CCD Grades: Standard
HP4710 Midband Performance
Digitization Speed: 700 kHz, 2 MHz (up to 4 MHz available)
Typical System Noise: 9 e- RMS @ 1 MHz
Typical Maximum Cooling: 60ºC Below Ambient
Typical Dark Current: <0.1 e-/pixel/sec @ -40ºC
CCD to Flange Distance:
Lens Mounts: C-Mount, F-Mount
Available Shutters: 25 mm
All Hyperion Cameras
Housing Dimensions: 4.0 x 6.75 x 3.35 (101.6 x 171.5 x 85.1)
Weight: 4.0 lbs. (Liquid Cooled - 2.8 lbs.)
Interface: USB 2.0>
Temperature Stability: 0.1ºC
Non linearity: <1%
Remote Triggering: Standard
Shutter MTBF: 1,000,000
Power: 12V (100-240V AC to 12V DC power supply included) . With TEC off: <1A. TEC at 100%: 4.4A. (Optional Electromechanical Shutter open: 4A pulse for 100msec. Shutter held open, add 0.22A.)
Environment: -30ºC - 45ºC | 10% - 90% Relative Humidity

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