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William Optics ZenithStar 71mm F5,9 ED apochromat

Prijs: 715,00 EUR


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Product Details

William Optics ZenithStar 71mm F5,9 ED apochromat

A small-aperture but extremely-portable ED scope at a GREAT price?

The latest ZS 71 ED Doublet is here to fit all your needs!

Excellent mechanics, fit and finish, latest WO 2" Rack &Pinion 2-speed fine focuser now are so good that they can replicate the smoothness and lack of backlash normally associated with a Crayford focuser, but with the huge advantage of much increased mechanical strength.

Lens Design

  • ED glass (Japanese imported Ohara glass) doublet air-spaced, in CNC machined ultra-high precision lens cell.
  • Each lens is Fully Multi-Coated with a special super-high transmission coating (STM Coating) on all surfaces.
  • Low C.A.

  • Fully baffled to block all extraneous off-axis light rays and prevent glancing reflections, increasing overall contrast.
  • 71mm clear aperture and F/5.9 focal ratio.
  • Nothing Left to Chance

  • Perfect for EAZY-T Alt-Az Mount. You can slide it directly into the mount without a dovetail plate if you like.
  • Pure William Optics quality fit and finish: powder-painted white CNC-machined aluminum tube
  • Drawtube travel length 80mm with graduated scale.
  • Retractable dewshield, smallest size ever and enhanced portability!
  • Can mount a WO 2'' star diagonal and other 2�� accessories.
  • Astrophotography ED scope

  • Fast focal ratio for excellent exposure on photography usage.
  • New Flattener Available (optional) .
  • Perfect for piggybacking as a guide scope.! !
  • Wonderful WO Microfocuser

  • William Optics new rotatable Rack & Pinion focuser, smooth and precise, ideal during astrophotography; can be fully locked and will not flex or slip even with a very heavy camera combination.
  • Adjustable focuser tension.
  • Super-smooth and reliable 1:10 micro focuser for fine focusing during imaging and visual observations alike.
  • Aluminum fine knob protection cover is included.
  • Attention to Packaging

  • The basic package includes the OTA only.
  • Carry-on size: you do not have to leave this treasure home!
  • Product Specificaties

    Aperture 71mm
    Focal Ratio F/5.9
    Focal Length 418 mm
    Objective Type ED Doublet, Air Spaced,
    Fully Multi-Coated, SMC coating.
    Resolving Power 1.58"
    Limiting Magnitude 11
    Lens Shade Retractable
    Focuser 50.8mm(2") Rack & Pinion Focuser
    with 1:10 Dual Speed microfocuser
    80 mm (3.2")Focuser Travel Length
    360° Rotatable Design
    1.25" AdapterBrass Compression Rings
    L-type Mount

    Integrated L Bracket (fits SmartEQ mount)

    Field Stops Baffles
    Tube Diameter 93 mm (3.66")
    Tube Length 310 mm Fully Retracted
    355 mm Fully Extended
    Tube Weight6 lbs. (2.7 kg)

    Specification for Apochromatic Lenses

    All WO refractors objective are double tested and inspected before shipping to our customer, these telescopes are free of coma and astigmatism.
    Since all individual lens surfaces are machine coated sometime it could have visual imperfections which do not affect the objective optical performance.

    Dimensions of scratches and points shall not exceed the following values:

    Surface finish class Scratches Points Accumulation of defects Width,not more, mm Total length, not more, mm, Diameter no more,mm, Quantity, no more Diameter.
    ScratchesWidth, not more, mm0.025mm
    Total length, not more1/4 of total lens diameter.
    Quantity no more 3
    Dots or spot pointsNo more, mm0.4mm
    Quantity, no more3
    Accumulation of defectsLimited area, mm0.8mm^2
    Total area of scratches and points, no more, square mm5.8mm^2
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