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Kokusai Kohki FUJIYAMA HD-OR 6mm Eyepiece - KK_1006

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Product Details

Kokusai Kohki FUJIYAMA HD-OR 6mm Eyepiece - KK_1006

Kokusai Kohki continues the tradition of offering the highest quality Japanese made Orthoscopic eyepieces with the introduction of our brand new FUJIYAMA HD-OR eyepiece lineup. Fujiyama HD-ORs are hand crafted at our Tokyo factory, and individually inspected by us before we ship.

Named after the Japanese name for that sky reaching symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji, the FUJIYAMA HD-ORs come standard with multicoatings on all four air to glass surfaces, giving them extended light throughput, and brighter images overall, as compared to our previous OR eyepiece lineup. And all lenses are edge blackened to reduce internal light scatter and reflections to an absolute minimum. (And, for the record, cemented lens surfaces are UNcoated).

The entire Fujiyama lineup is parfocal, accepts standard 1.25" filters, and comes with plastic eyepiece caps. The chrome barrels of the Fujiyama HD-ORs are straight up and down, and we have removed the helpful, but also often annoying, safety groove.

Solid construction, bright, clean and sharp views throughout a fully corrected 42 degree FOV, with sharp field stops, makes the Fujiyamas perfect for every type of viewing, and are also an exellent match with high end apochromats for hard core planetary, lunar, solar and double star viewing.

Each eyepiece carries a one year Kokusai Kohki parts and labor warranty.

Kokusai Kohki FUJIYAMA HD-OR Eyepiece Specifications
  • Focal Length: 6mm
  • Barrel Size: 1.25 inch
  • F.O.V: 42 degrees
  • Coatings: M/C + edges blackened
  • Eye Relief: 4.9mm
  • Field Stop: 4.2mm
  • Eye Lens OD: 5.8mm
  • Weight: 60g
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