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Mova Globe 8,5 inch Natural Earth Globe that rotates freely
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Takahashi 130mm Epsilon Ota F3,3
[Epsilon TEK13010]

Prijs: 2.575,00 EUR


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Product Details

Takahashi 130mm Epsilon Ota


Takahashi Epsilon 130mm F 3.3  Astrograph

  • tube only
  • f/3.3 for short exposures

Featuring a hypebolic primary mirror and a digital corrector to produce a beautiful flat field at F 3.3  to be  perfect for astro imaging.  .  The digital corrector gives pinpiont stars

The Epsilon 130 has a 5.9º field of view making it a superior choice for imaging comets as well as planets.  Ultra fast design allows you to image without reducing with a focal ratio of just f/3.3.   To ensure that the image is evenly illuminated the secondary mirror has been placed in a specially strengthened spider so it can be held offset without flexure.  Anspecial  focuser adds to the list of  features on this 130mm astrograph.  Each metal insert has been coated with a special non-cold flow material to allow for extremely precise focusing.  To improve collimation, the collimation system for the TOA has been adopted for the Epsilon 130 .  Rather than using push pull screws set inside of each other they have been modified to use separate push and pull screws.  This allows the screws to sit flush avoiding the tube bumping the  alignment bolts.

The 130mm is very portable with a focal length of 430mm and weighing in at 10.8 pounds! This  luxury grab and go Astrograhp  fits easily in travel cases without weighing you down.  Pair it with a lightweight EQ mount for Takahashi quality imaging, where ever you go.

Product Specificaties

 Takahashi Epsilon
  • Optical Design    Astrograph
  • Warranty    5 Year Warranty
  • Telescope Aperture    130mm
  • Secondary Aperture    63mm
  • Telescope Focal Length    430mm
  • Telescope Focal Ratio    f/3.3
  • Image Circle    44mm
  • Optical Tube Weight    10.8 lbs.
  • Tube Color or Finish    Takahashi Yellow
  • Focuser Size    1.25"
  • Focuser Style    Rack & Pinion
  • Total Telescope Weight    10.8 lbs.
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