Lacert MGEN-3

After 10 years, the device that has revolutionized the way ambitious amateurs and professionals guide their astro imaging will be retired. The hardware was at its limits, the market and the needs of astrophotographers have evolved and we, as the leading innovator in guiding, were taking this into account.

The MGEN-3 is here!

The new, much stronger hardware enables the new self-learning AI multistar guiding, the large color display makes operation more pleasant and with the new quick start function ("push one button") guiding starts with just a single push of a button!

Nevertheless, of course, if you want, you have full manual control of all parameters ... but who wants that when the AI ​​continuously parameterizes itself in the background?


  • Stand Alone or PC App controlled // stand alone or controlled via PC App
  • Selflearning (AI) adaptive guiding or manual modes // Self-learning adaptive guiding (AI) or manual setting
  • Easy to use: one button push guiding or manual control // Ease of use: just one button and guidet, or manual control
  • Enhanced high sensitivity with real time darkframe correction // Improved sensitivity with real-time dark image deduction
  • Multistar guiding for extra high subpixel precision // Multistar guiding for improved subpixel accuracy
  • Polar alignment using digital Scheiner method // Polar alignment using digital Scheiner method
  • DSLR / CCD Exposure Control // DSLR / CCD exposure control
  • Dithering modes available // various dithering modes available
  • Guidelog displayed and saved // Guidelog display and saving
  • Arbitrary binning modes // Freely selectable binning modes
  • USB powered (5V), typical 240mA / 1.2W // USB powered (5V), only 1.2W!
  • Aux port for additional equipment // AUX port for additional accessories
  • continuous development, new features // ongoing development, new functions


The MGEN Autoguider not only uses a sensistive Chip with small Pixels (3.75µm at 6mm diagonal, 1280x960) but also a worldwide unique algorithm of unrivaled accuracy of 1/50 pixel for guiding. The new AI-algorithm of the MGEN-3 uses up to 100 Stars in the field at once, which even eliminates seeing effects for guiding. This is worldwide unique and makes this unmatched accuracy and reliability possible.


The MGEN Autoguider offers the Random Displacement command. The Teleskope is moved between exposures for just a few pixel, thus resulting in hotpixels to disappear and lower general noise when adding (stacking) multiple exposures. Using MGENs random displacement function increases overall image quality, it can even make dark frames obsolete!

Camera Control

The MGEN Autoguider directly controls your DSLRs exposure series. No remote control release necessary. You can even control CCD Cameras exposures by using external PC software.


MGEN-3s Sensor (CMOS AR0130CS mono) is very sensitive. You can easily guide on 13mag faint stars at 1sec exposure time at a field of 1.5° diagonal. Automatically applying darkframes in realtime boosts sensitivity to a new level.

Drift Alignment (Scheiner Method)

Setting up your mount and make a very accurate polar alignment in just a few minutes with a digital application of the Scheiner Method (drift alignment). By measuring the stars drift, the MGEN Autoguider calculates the misalignment and you can easily correct it using the built in display (live view). Thats especially important for portable (travel) mounts where good polar alignment often is tricky to achieve.

Full control

Guidinggraphs in live view on MGENs display, detailed analysis of every guide movement by MGEN Software (Windows)


MGEN-3 can be controlled via every Software using ASCOM by using the new mgen.app (comes early 2020)

Work on Indi driver in progress!

Stand alone or Remote Mode

MGEN can be used stand alone (without any computer, just handcontrol) or remote in observatory mode by a remote PC via USB connection. Even On / Off switch is remote manageable.

Stand alone Mode: Everything manageable on the handbbox - just a USB/5V Power supply needed.
Remote Mode: Espeacially for remote sites / observatories. Everything can be controlled on a pc on a graphical user interface - even on / off switch is remote manageable.


The GUI is currently available in these languages:
* German
* English

Lacert MGEN-3

Technical specifications


  • Chip: CMOS AR0130CS mono
  • Diagonal 6mm
  • Resolution: 1.2Mpx
  • Cooling: passive via housing
  • Power supply: via USB
  • Data: via USB2
  • Telescope-side connections: T2, M28.5x0.6 filter thread, 31.7mm socket / other adapters optionally available
  • automatic dark image deduction to increase sensitivity


  • large color display (night modes available)
  • 2x USB
  • micro SD card slot
  • Power supply 5V (USB), type 240mA
  • Snap socket for camera trigger control
  • additional serial output (3.5mm)
  • WiFi module integrated

Scope of delivery

  • MGEN-3 hand box
  • MGEN-3 camera
  • 2x USB cable (for power supply and camera connection)
  • Autoguider cable (ST4 standard)
  • 4 GB micro SD card

Lacerta MGEN-3

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