Dew prevention

Robtics | Dew PreventionIn a cooling environment glass has the nasty property that it dews over. Depending on the humidity and the dew temperature, fogged up optics ensure that the observation session must be ended early. Unfortunately in the Dutch climate that is often all too quickly. Fortunately, there are great dew prevention options!

A Dew Cap traps a little bit of warm air and as a result the dew point is not reached at all or at least delayed. Fogging is therefore prevented or delayed.

Adding a little heat to the optics is also an effective dew prevention because this also ensures that the dew point is not reached. Heating is done with Dew Heaters and a Dew Heater Controller.

Dew Heaters come in different lengths and are placed around the telescope where the glass is located. There is a specific plug on the Dew Heater that is plugged into a Dew Heater Controller.

With a Dew Heater Controller, the heat from a Dew Heater can be controlled. The more humid the harder the Heater needs to be fired up. Make sure that it is not heated up too hot because this will adversely affect the image. The controller is equipped with a car cigarette lighter plug that feeds the Dew Heater.

In this category, all types of dew prevention solutions such as Dew Caps, Dew Heaters and Controllers can be found including accessories to ensure that you do not have to pack up early.

Can't find what you're looking for or need help selecting the best dew prevention tools for you? Contact Robtics!

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