Robtics | CollimationCollimation is the adjustment of telescope optics. Every telescope functions optimally only if the optics are properly aligned. Mirror telescopes in particular are regularly required to be collimated because the alignment can be off due to use and transport. This is a problem easily fixed with a bit of practice. Collimation becomes a lot easier with special collimation tools.

A very good visual aid for collimating mirror telescopes in particular is a laser collimator. A laser collimator projects a dot on the mirrors and this visually shows the result of adjustments.

A cheshire eyepiece is a budget-friendly collimation tool that can be used to adjust the positioning and tilt of mirrors by eye.

Bob's Knobs replace the standard collimation screws or Allen screws and this allows for manual adjustment without a screwdriver or Allen key.

Collimating can also be done visually on a star. If you want to do this during the day, use an artificial star.

Can't find what you are looking for or need help selecting the most suitable collimation tool for you? Contact Robtics! We are happy to help you!

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