Robtics | OccasionsROBTICS also buys or trades in your used astronomical items. This means that ROBTICS always has an impressive display of used astronomical equipment. Among these are regularly very interesting and very competitively priced products. All occasions  are thoroughly inspected by ROBTICS and are only offered to our customers if they are in good condition and work without problems. This ensures that you have a product that works well without the risk of inheriting someone else's junk.

Are you looking for a good and affordable mount, telescope or accessory? Come and see the ever changing range of occasions and you may find the gem you've been looking for for ages!

Do you have astronomical items that you no longer use? Take them with you on your next visit to the ROBTICS showroom! ROBTICS inspects the products and will make an offer on the spot.

Can't find what you are looking for or do you want help with selecting the most suitable occasion for you? Contact Robtics! We are happy to help you!

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