After three years, we are very happy that we finally can do it again this year: The RTT will be held on Saturday 13th of May! The RTT (Robtics Telescope Treffen) is a modest counterpart of the German ATT. Smaller-scale, same stuff, more pleasant, more fun and way less costly! With Solar Party, Astro-Booth-Sale and BBQ!

RTT 2023 - What is it?
The RTT is a pleasant get-together, getting to know each other, marveling or finally getting the new or second-hand products you always wanted or taking in the beautiful images you'll get through the solar telescopes. It will be an informative but above all fun astro-day for everyone!

RTT 2023 - Where and when?
The Robtics RTT 2023 will be held on Saturday 13th of May 2023 from 10:00 until 16:00 in the showroom and on the parking lot of Robtics in Leidschendam.

RTT 2023 - Who is it for?
Whether you are a visual observer, astrophotographer, beginner, intermediar, advanced, amateur or professional astronomer. Everyone is welcome!

RTT 2023 - What is there to do/see?
At the RTT many new and not-so-new products are demoed and of course we have great offers. We set up a really nice collection of solar telescopes and we invite everyone to bring their own second-hand astro-stuff for the Astro-Booth-Sale. We also provide a snack and a drink.

RTT 2023 - Telescopes
We're showing telescopes you'll not see everyday, such as 45cm Obsession and 50cm Sky-Watcher dobsonians, two original TMB telescopes and a 20cm F15 Lichtenknecker refractor (it is a monster!). Very unique and maybe the only one in the EU a 7 inch Questar. The slightly less rare 3.5 inch version is of course on display too.

There is new stuff too! The entire collections of Askar (including the new 151mm APO), Sky-Watcher and ZWO is present. Have you never seen a 16inch LX200 in real life or are you wondering how big an Astro-Physics 1600 mount actually is? This is your chance! There are hundreds of eyepieces and have thousands of other things in the Robtics showroom. Come and visit us!

RTT 2023 - Robtics Solar Party
We set up several solar telescopes such as a 90mm Coronado, Takahashi 10cm Fluorite with Baader SunDancer, Lunt H-alpha and some white light telescopes. We also invite everyone to bring their own solar telescopes. Let's turn the RTT into a real solar party!

RTT 2023 - Sale
The RTT cannot not be complete without great sale offers. We have plenty of products that are stocked for too long and are ready to be picked up for very nice prices. New, used, show model and open box items - we're offering great prices. There definitely will be something beautiful / fun / interesting for you!

RTT 2023 - Robtics Astro-Booth-Sale
Do you have nice, interesting astro-stuff that you no longer use? Take them with you to the RTT! It has been too long and Robtics is organizing the Astro-Booth-Sale as we have done in the past. At this second-hand astro-market you may find that one gem that you have been looking for for a long time for a small price.

RTT 2023 - Robtics BBQ
We fire up the BBQ and even if you eat five burgers and two baguettes you don't have to pay anything. It is as free of charge just as all the coffee, tea, water and soft drinks you can drink.

RTT 2023 - What does it cost?
Nothing! The Robtics RTT is completely free of charge. There is plenty of parking space and that is also free. There even is a E-charge location right beside the Robtics showroom so you'll get home without worries.

RTT 2023 - Do I need to sign up?
You don't have to sign up, but please bring nice sunny weather!!!

RTT 2023 - Sale List

The Robtics RTT2023 sale list is far from complete. More is added constantly.

In addition to the products on the list below, Explore Scientific, Sharpstar, Sky-Watcher and Takahashi products will have a 10% discount on stock items. The 10% discount does not apply to products that already have a promotion discount. For all other products we are happy to make you a nice offer!

All RTT offers are valid while stocks last.

New Products

  • Offers no longer available

Open Box Products

  • Offers no longer available

Show Models

  • Offers no longer available

Please note: the list is by no means complete and we constantly find and add interesting products - new and used. Looking for something specific? Chances are high we have it! All products are new in box unless otherwise indicated (used & show models).

All offers are valid while stocks last: gone is gone and so make sure to be there! All prices mentioned are pick-up prices and only for physical visitors of the Robtics RTT. We do not reserve products and everything is on a first come, first serve basis. Fair for everyone!

See you in Leidschendam!

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