Robtics | CamerasFor capturing all that heavenly beauty there are many interesting cameras available with very different specifications. The differences are mainly in different chip characteristics, software control, readout and support, quality of the internal components such as the cooling and the mechanical construction of the camera housing. This means there is a suitable solution for every application.

To make longer exposure time shots for deepsky photography, cooling the chip is necessary to prevent thermal noise. These types of cameras can be found in the CCD category. CCD, CMOS and other types of cameras are included here.

Lunar and planetary imaging is done with cameras that are design-related to webcams. Photography of the moon and planets are often the first steps in astrophotography, but it can also easily turn into a very interesting specialization!

Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (DSLR) are also often used for astrophotography. Through a modification, ordinary consumer DSLR cameras can be made even more suitable for astrophotography.

Autoguiders are cameras used for autoguiding. Using special autoguide software, the guidecamera monitors a guidestar and instructs adjustments to the mount in case of deviations in the tracking accuracy.

An All Sky camera is a camera system that can capture a large section or even the entire sky in one go. This is useful for recording meteors, aurorae activity or monitoring sky conditions. All sky cameras are generally on all night and can, in addition to the specific application, also produce very nice videos!

Specialty cameras are designed for very specific purposes such as seeing monitors or cameras for microscopic or spectrographic analysis.

In this section you'll find a huge selection of astronomical cameras to complete your telescope setup.

Can't find what you're looking for or need help selecting the best astrophotography camera for you? Contact Robtics! We are happy to help!

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