Diffraction Limited - Maxim DL - Pro Suite version - 2

Diffraction Limited - Maxim DL - Pro Suite version

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Diffraction Limited - Maxim DL - Pro Suite versie. Deze versie van de software ondersteunt de volgende doeleinden:

  • Alle functionaliteit van de Pro versie;
  • MaxPoint software.

MaxIm DL is the fastest and easiest way to image the night sky. Whether you want to produce stunning portraits, collect science data, or hunt for new objects, MaxIm DL has the tools you need.

Version 5 adds a host of new capabilities, to make imaging and processing faster and easier than ever before possible.

Maxim DL is de snelste en makkelijkste manier om de hemel te fotograferen. Waanzinnige opnames, wetenschappelijke data of op zoek naar nieuwe kometen of nova's? Zoek niet verder. Maxim DL biedt het allemaal.

Versie 5 van de software biedt vele nieuwe mogelijkheden en maakt het proces van fotograferen en het bewerken van de opnames sneller en makkelijker dan ooit tevoren.

Een kleine selectie van de mogelijkheden:

  • Complete observatory integration. Controls your camera, autoguider, filter wheels, focusers, camera rotator, telescope mount, and dome. ASCOM compliant.
  • Built-in mini-planetarium with AllSky and Zoom view helps you maintain "situational awareness":
    • See a whole sky overview, with the telescope position overlaid.
    • Zoom in on your target, with field-of-view of the camera superimposed.
    • Greatly enhanced object database and powerful search capabilites.
    • Instantly overlay images from the camera to help you identify targets.
    • Graphically control image plane rotator.
  • Redesigned camera controls for faster and easier imaging. Create your own presets for finding, centering, focusing, and LRGB sequences.
  • Multiple autodark buffers allow you to quickly switch between presets without reshooting darks.
  • Quickly change program configurations. If you use multiple camera/telescope setups, you can instantly reconfigure all software settings in just a few clicks.
  • Stack images much faster and easier:
    • Automatically identify stack groups by object ID and color filter - no more sorting through image files!
    • Automatically reject poor quality images based on criteria you choose.
    • Calibrate and/or color convert images on-the-fly during stacking.
    • Align images using a variety of automatic and manual alignment technqiues.
    • Color combines RGB and LRGB image sets, using a single alignment reference image.
    • Works from disk to save precious RAM.
    • Stack multiple images with hundreds of individual subexposures, just drop in a folder and click Go!
  • Includes a complete image processing toolkit, including a large variety of filters, deblooming, curves, deconvolution, color tools, and much more.
Kijk op het tabblad 'Meer info' voor meer informatie over de verschillende veries van de Maxim DL software. Bepaal op basis van de tabel welke versie geschikt is voor de gewenste doeleinden.


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Extra info:

Major Feature Basic IP DSLR Pro Pro Suite
Includes MaxPoint        
Com/ActiveX Scripting      
Built-in Planetarium      
Instrumentation Control
Scientific-Grade CCD Control      
DSLR Control    
Webcam/DSI Control  
Filter Wheel Control      
Autoguider Control  
AO Control      
Dome Control      
Focuser Control    
Telescope Control    
Built-in Catalogs    
Instrumentation Control Features
Multiple Exposure Presets  
Autosave Sequences  
Visual Focus Tools  
Scheduled Exposures (eclipse)    
Capture Mosaic      
Tracking Error Graph    
Tracking Log  
Tracking Alarms  
Move (via autoguider pulse)  
Automatic Star Chart Overlay      
File Menu
Read/Write AVI Files
Reads DSLR RAW Files  
Batch Save/Convert  
Load/Save Configurations  
Edit Menu
Annotate Images    
All Other Edit Features
View Menu
View Full Screen
Screen Stretch Window
Information Window
Pan Window
Zoom Window
FITS Header Window
Graphs Window    
Log Window  
Batch Process Window
Virtual Keypad    
Night Vision Mode  
Equalize Screen Stretch
Analyze Menu
PinPoint Astrometry    
Process Menu
Intelligent Image Calibration
Align Images
Stack Images
Remove Bad Pixels    
Add Noise    
Remove Bloom    
Remove Pedestal
Resize/Double Size/Half Size
Make Pixels Square
Stretch (linear/log/gamma)
Histogram Specification    
Pixel Math
Filter Menu
Kernel Filter
FFT Filter    
Unsharp Mask Filter
Digital Development
Range-Restricted Filters  
Rank Filter    
Local Adaptive Filter    
Rotational Gradient Filter    
Wavelet Filter
Flatten/Remove Gradient  
Color Menu
Combine Color (RGB, LRGB)
Color Stack    
Split Tricolor
Convert to Mono
Pseudo Color    
Convert Color (de-bayer)
Realign Planes
Adjust Saturation  
Remove Background Color  
Color Smoothing  
Color Adjust (graphical)  
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Diffraction Limited - Maxim DL - Pro Suite version

Diffraction Limited - Maxim DL - Pro Suite version

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