Robtics | Reflector TelescopesReflectors or mirror telescopes are telescopes that use reflected light exclusively. In reflector telescopes no lenses are used, only mirrors. The advantage of this is that these systems are relatively inexpensive because making a good mirror is much easier and therefore cheaper than making a good lens.

There are several types of reflector telescopes of which the Newton telescope is the best known. A Newton telescope creates the image via a concave and a flat mirror. At a given aperture, Newton telescopes are usually the least expensive and certainly not the least. In this category you will also find Dobson telescopes. Dobsonian telescopes are systems with a relatively simple design which offer large telescopes for relatively low prices.

More specialized are the so-called classic Cassegrain telescopes. These have very long focal lengths which makes these systems very suitable for lunar and planet observation and photography.

All reflector telescopes suffer from coma. This is an optical effect that distort stars towards the edges. Coma can be corrected with the help of an optical corrector: a so-called coma corrector.

All different flavors of reflector telescopes can be found in this section!

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