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Robtics | Solar TelescopesAstronomy is a great hobby! A disadvantage is that it always takes place at night. Fortunately there is also plenty to experience astronomically during daytime!

The sun is the closest star and therefore it is perfect for studying it in detail. Due to the brightness, special filters are needed and special solar telescopes have these filters built in, making it safe to look at the sun.

The sun can be observed in different light wavelengths and it  shows different things each time.

Viewing the sun in white light is possible with objective filters or a Herschel wedge. This makes it possible to see dark sunspots, bright filaments and granulation.

The most interesting is observing the sun in so-called H-alpha light. With special H-alpha solar telescopes, a great deal of detail can be seen on the surface of the sun and these telescopes even show the protuberances (solar flares)!

Calcium-K light is a special kind of solar observation. Visually this is unfortunately not that interesting, but all the more photographically!

The nice thing about observing or photographing the sun is that the sun is a very dynamic world. Every time you look, it is a surprise to see what there is to see. This really never gets boring!

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