Geoptik Hermetic case 520 X 290 X H200 mm inw

Geoptik Hermetic case 520 X 290 X H200 mm inw

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The line of cases ELEPHANT was created for the transport of delicate instruments and sensitive to the weather.
They are all certified IP67 for maximum resistance to water and dust.
The polipropilene polymer structure can withstand shock from falling and does not fear the superposition of other heavy bags.
Models 30B058 and 30B059 and 30B061 have the possibility to mount a "trolley". This optional include also the wheels for easy transport.
It also has side handles for easy transport by two people.
Inside the HELEPHANT cases include  pre-cut foam will allow you to define the profile of the object to be protected.

EXTERNAL DIMENSION : 574 X 361 X H225 mm (22,60 x 14,24 x H8,86 inch)
H200 mm (20,47 x 11,42 x H7,87 inch)
WEIGHT : 4,1 Kg. (9,04 Lb)

Easy to open with double throw safety latches,
Watertight rubber seal around lid,
Automatic pressure equalization valve,
No metal parts, corrosion free.
Polypropylene Copolymer body and Nylon pins.

Variable internal disposition by rubber foam cubes
Thick body material.
Holes for dobble padlocking.
Holes for shoulder strap.

Load tested soft grip handle.



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Geoptik voor Sky-wachter startravel 102

Ziet er prima uit de koffer en de pluk schuim was makkelijk te hanteren
Na aanschaf van de Sky-wachter startravel 102 de binnenkant op maat gemaakt en de kijker past er precies in
Ook bij ander websites gekeken, maar er kwam dan nog de BTW prijs erover heen en de verzendkosten en daardoor waren andere merken prijzig en bij sommige zat er geen plukschuim bij
Dus Robtics gaf de doorslag

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Geoptik Hermetic case 520 X 290 X H200 mm inw

Geoptik Hermetic case 520 X 290 X H200 mm inw

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