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Robtics | Bob's KnobsFor maximum performance, the primary and secondary mirrors of your telescope must be properly lined up, or collimated. Collimation of an SCT telescope is usually accomplished by adjusting three screws on the secondary mirror housing to tilt the secondary mirror on its mounting plate until the image at the eyepiece appears undistorted. For Newtonian-style telescopes, including the Schmidt-Newtonian and Maksutov-Newtonian, collimation is usually accomplished by adjusting the secondary diagonal mirror, followed by the primary mirror, using a laser collimator or other collimation aid. Collimation is critical and often needs to be done each time the scope is moved.

Unfortunately, collimating a telescope with the factory screws can be frustrating because of the need to probe for the screws with an Allen wrench or Phillips screwdriver in the dark, and the difficulty of manipulating tools while looking through the eyepiece to judge the effects of the adjustments. Bob’s Knobs greatly simplify the collimation process by replacing the factory screws with thumbscrews. While looking through the eyepiece you can reach around on most scopes and quickly adjust collimation without tools.

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