Robtics | CollimatorCollimators support the collimation process of telescopes. With the help of a collimator it is easier to determine whether a good collimation has been achieved. This is possible because the optical alignment is concentrically framed and clarified with the aid of a cross pattern such as in a cheshire eyepiece or with the aid of a projected light pattern such as in a laser collimator.

Mirror telescopes are easiest to adjust with a laser collimator. In practice this works the simplest. A more budget-friendly but in practice more difficult to use is a cheshire eyepiece. A visual assessment must be made as to whether collimation has been achieved and more experience is desirable.

If collimation is crucial, as with high-resolution moon and planetary photography, HoTech offers a complete collimation setup. With this, a perfect collimation can be achieved at ease and in good daylight. This offers a lot of added value, especially with SCT and RC telescopes.

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