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Alt Azimuth mounts (sometimes alt-az or simply AZ) is the most simple type of mount with two directions of movement; altitude (vertical) and azimuth (horizontal). Left motion is left and upwards motion is up and this makes the Alt azimuth mount very intuitive to use; you just push the telescope towards where you want to look!

Good AZ mounts have slow-motion knobs for making precise adjustments, aiding smooth tracking across the sky. These type of mounts are generally good for terrestrial observing and for scanning the sky at lower magnifications but not for deep sky photography. Some Alt-azimuth mounts are now computer driven and allow a telescope to track the sky more accurately. This is very nice for visual use and essential high magnification observing.

Alt-azimuth mounts can be equipped with a GOTO-system. The mount has been motorized and a database with celestial objects can locate any object with a push of a button!

Very important for mount selecting is carry capacity of the mount. Because the slightest vibration will ruin your observation, it is important not to load up the mount up to its max. Better is to choose either a lighter instrument or a higher capacity mount.

Finally, it is important to realize that an AZ mount is not suitable for astrophotography. Are you looking for a mount for a telescope and/or camera for astrophotography? Then look at the equatorial mounts!

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