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A Star Tracker or Sky Tracker is a compact equatorial mount with a limited carry capacity and is intended to do long-exposed astrophotography with simple cameras.

As the earth rotates around its axis, the stationary stars appear to move across the sky and it is essential to compensate for this movement during long exposure astrophotography. A properly aligned Star Tracker can easily and automatically keep an object in view.

If a Star Tracker is equipped with a so-called autoguide port (ST4 port) it is possible to provide the Star Tracker with autoguiding and this makes the whole unit even more accurate. Especially for astrophotography with longer focal lengths this can be very desirable because very accurate tracking is becoming increasingly critical due to the higher resolution.

Very important for Star Tracker selecting is carry capacity of the Star Tracker. Especially with astrophotography overkill is key! Because the slightest vibration will ruin your astrophoto, it is important not to load up the mount up to its max. Better is to choose either a smaller, lighter camera or a higher capacity Star Tracker. The tripod also has a major influence here. Use a tripod that is as sturdy and stable as possible on which the Star Tracker can be mounted without any play.

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