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Motic GM168-Binocular Microscope

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Product Details

Motic GM168-Binocular Microscope

The Motic GM-168 is specially designed for preparation and inspection work in Gemology. It is used for surface finish inspection of gems, identification of imperfections and evaluation of purity. With a zoom ratio of 6.7:1 and a standard total magnification of 7.5X to 50X, the GM-168 allows you to switch from a sample overview down to viewing micro details.

The GM-168 is equipped with bright field and dark field transmitted illumination. Dark field illumination is ideal for the observation of inclusions inside of gems, while the incident Fluorescent illuminator can be used for the examination of the clarity, colour and finishing. The incident illuminator is mounted on a flexible gooseneck in order to adjust and reposition the angle of illumination.

A comfortable viewing position can be obtained by tilting the optical body of the GM-168 in a range of 0-45, and the entire unit is rotatable 360 to easily share the microscope with others. Documentation purposes can be easily fulfilled by using a digital camera on top a of Trinocular version. For available Moticam cameras please visit our Digital Microscopy section.

Main features

Greenough optical system, zoom range 6.7:1
7.5X-50X standard total magnification
113mm working distance
0 to 45 stand tilt and 360 rotating base
Bright field (incident and transmitted) and transmitted Dark field illumination
Gem holders available

Greenough Optical System
Binocular head, 35 inclined, 360 rotating
Widefield eyepieces WF10X/23mm
Standard 1X Achromatic objective
6.7:1 Zoom ratio
Objective magnification range: 0.75X-5X
Standard total magnification: 7.5X-50X
Max. Field Diameter 30.7mm (in standard outfit)
113mm working distance
Special tilting base 0 to 45 and 360 rotating base
Coarse focusing system with tension adjustment
6V/30W halogen transmitted Bright field and Dark field illumination with aperture diaphragm and intensity control
Flexible gooseneck 7W fluorescent incident illumination
Wire gem holder
Supplied with an Aluminium carrying case

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