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Moravian G4 16000 Cooled CCD camera monochrome
[G4 16000]

Prijs: 6.899,00 EUR

Product Details

Moravian G4 16000 Cooled CCD camera monochrome

Cooled CCD cameras of G4 series contain detectors with 36 × 36 mm area, which is 50% more than photographic “full-frame” format. G4 camera dimensions are the same like dimensions of G3 series, with the exception of camera head thickness — G4 cameras are somewhat slimmer, because they do not contain internal filter wheel. Also camera handling, software control, power supply and connection to the host PC using fast USB 2.0 interface is the same like in the case of G3 cameras. Filter wheel for 50 × 50 mm square filters (round filters of 50 mm diameter cause vignetting on such large CCD chips) cannot be placed inside the camera head due to limited space. But it is possible to connect external filter wheel for7 large filters to the G4 camera, the camera head already contains connector for external filter wheel control

CCD chip

G4 cameras use OnSemi Full-Frame CCD detectors with ABG (anti-blooming gate), ensuring images without excessive charge leaks from the overexposed portions of the image (blooming), e.g. bright stars in the field of view. ABG of these CCDs is designed for relatively low light levels (100× of saturation signal, compared to e.g. 300× of saturation signal ABG level of KAI-4022 CCD or 1000× of saturation signal ABG level of KAF-8300 CCD, intended for taking of images against sun etc.). Low ABG level does not to disrupt linear response to light.

Product Specificaties

Resolution4096 (H) × 4096 (V) pixels
Pixel size9 μm (H) × 9 μm (V)
Image area36.9 mm (H) × 36.9 mm (V)
Full well capacity~100,000 e-
Dark current3 e-/s/pixel at 25 °C
Dark signal doubling temperature6.3 °C
ADC resolution16 bits
Sampling methodCorrelated double sampling
Read modesStandard (STD)
 Low-noise (LN)
Horizontal binning1 to 4 pixels
Vertical binning1 to 4 pixels
Sub-frame readoutArbitrary sub-frame
Computer interfaceUSB 2.0 High Speed
 USB 1.1 Full Speed compatible


Gain1.6 e-/ADU (all innings)
System read noise11 e- RMS (KN read)
 12 e- RMS (standard read)
Full frame download27.8 s (KN read)
 19.2 s (standard read)


Internal mechanical shutterYes, blade shutter
Shortest exposure time200 ms
Longest exposure timeLimited by chip saturation only
Internal filter wheelno
Head dimensions154 mm × 154 mm × 65 mm
Back focal distance16.5 mm (without filter wheel)
 33.5 mm (with external filter wheel)
Weight of camera head1.6 kg (without filter wheel)
 2.5 kg (with “M" external filter wheel)
 2.8 kg (with “L" external filter wheel)


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