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Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography - Robert Reeves

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Product Details

In the last few years webcam astrophotography has exploded onto the astronomy scene. It has rapidly evolved from short exposure six-bit black-and-white imagery into long-exposure full-color 16-bit per channel imagery of such quality that it rivals “conventional” means of astrophotography. Indeed, webcams have become the method of choice for planetary imaging.

The message of this book is that you too can participate in this revolution without spending very much money. You do not need to invest $10, 000 in a CCD camera, telescope and software. A basic webcam costs about the same as a "so-so" eyepiece. Software to control the camera and process the images that will get you going is free. If you have the telescope (practically any telescope that will track) and a computer you are ready. Since you see your results instantly the learning curve is much shorter.

Regardless of how you apply a webcam to astrophotography, you will derive a number of benefits. Working with them has been accurately described as interesting, challenging, and fulfilling. Webcams are capable of producing beautiful astrophotos that create a lasting record of your astronomical experience. The book will guide you into this fascinating topic and allow you to become a participant in this latest wave of astrophotography progress.


  • Webcams are far cheaper than conventional cameras or astronomical CCDs.
  • Webcams use USB plug-and-play technology, meaning they are easy to install on a computer and have fast image download times.
  • Webcams provide real-time feedback. Focus and exposure are adjusted on the fly to insure best results.
  • Each webcam video imaging session produces a single unique image.
  • There are no film costs.
  • There is no need to wait for a full roll of images to be taken before developing them.
  • Webcams can create animated images and movies of changing events such as transits of Jovian moons or lunar occultations of bright stars and the planets.
  • Webcam images are digital-friendly, meaning they can be printed, posted on the Internet, or emailed without the need for developing or scanning.
  • Except with special black-and-white cameras, webcam images are in color. There is no need for combining tri-color images when doing lunar and planetary work.
  • With the use of proper software, some of which is free, webcams can be used as autoguiders for other forms of astrophotography.
  • A webcam shutter, the device that controls the length of an exposure, is entirely electronic. This gives webcams a great advantage over standard cameras in that there is no mechanical shutter to wear out or malfunction.
  • A webcam can easily take more individual exposures in a single evening of lunar photography than someone will take in a lifetime of snapshot photography. For instance, the full Moon mosaic on page 2 of this book is the summation of 28, 800 individual video frames. This is the equivalent of snapping 800 rolls of 36-exposure 35mm film.


Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography - Robert Reeves:

  • Astrofotografie met een webcam;
  • 368 pagina's;
  • 156 illustraties;
  • 21 tabellen;
  • Harde kaft.
Product Specificaties

Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography - Robert Reeves:

  • Astrofotografie met een webcam;
  • 368 pagina's;
  • 156 illustraties;
  • 21 tabellen;
  • Harde kaft.
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