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Takahashi Mewlon CRS 250 25cm F10 OTA - TLK25400NR

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Product Details

Takahashi Mewlon 250 OTA - TLK25000

You have dreamed of a reflector with exceptional and powerful optics, with a generous diameter and with the guarantee of an incredible contrast : Mewlon is for you !

With its Cassegrain range reflectors, based on Dall-Kirkham optical design, Takahashi acted as a pioneer, and made Schmidt-Cassegrain other manufacturers outdated. This reflector with its excellent optical qualities can be used in a wide range of applications, and brings it on the top of the market. No worldwide mass production of reflectors can be compared to the Mewlon and be able to offer similar performances : compactness, power, rationality and versatility.

Mewlon are available in 4 diameters (180mm, 210mm, 250mm and 300mm), optical tube assemblies (OTAs) or associated with equatorial mountings.

The focuser, often one of the weak points of the current telescopes, was particularly neat. The translating mechanism of the primary mirror of Mewlon 180mm and 210mm is machined with a particular care in the Takahashi workshops in order to reduce the shifting, to obtain a softness and an optimal regularity of focusing. Mewlon 250mm and 300mm are equipped with a the secondary mirror translating focuser, ordered with an electric handbox.
Equipped with a 50.8mm eyepiece holder in standard, you will be able to associate the most appropriate accessory with it, for visual, photographic or CCD use. The complete and coherent range of accessories proposed, will reach any of your goals.

The fixing of Mewlon on equatorial mountings is carried out using functional and effective dovetails. Their design facilitates frequent handling such as balancing or OTA assembly/disassembly without deterioration. Moreover, on Mewlon of large diameters, a counterweight is provided to balance the optical tube.
Mewlon integrates a high quality finder scope, associating luminosity and sharpness. This finder scope can also be used as a handle for transportation, without creating any bending or malfunctioning

Takahashi Mewlon 250 tube assembly with 50.8/31.75 adapter
D-250mm F-3000mm F/12 with :
Electrical focuser with hand controller
TLK25010 Mewlon-250 and 7 X 50 integrated finder
TKA00554 Finder reticle illuminator
TKP72422 Dove tail adapter (Female)
TKP72432 Counterweight 0.4 kg
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0.8x F/9.3 Reducer/Flattener


All the Mewlon telescopes can be equipped with a focal reducer, also acting as field flattener. This reducer makes it possible to reduce the focal length and offer a better general-purpose focal ratio

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