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iOptron Tri-Pier for CEM120 mount (and other brands)
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Explore Scientific 82 graden 4,7mm waterdicht 1,25 inch

Prijs: 139,00 EUR

Product Details

Explore Scientific 82 graden 4,7mm waterdicht, 1,25 inch

Prachtig oculair voor een zeer scherpe prijs.

De opbouw van 7 lenzen in 4 groepen waarborgt een zeer helder beeld.

Dit bij een beeld veld van 82 graden en eyerelief van 14 mm.

Er zijn speciale coatings gebruikt voor hoog contrast.

En oculairen zijn met stikstof gevuld om beslaan van binnen uit tegen te gaan en zijn daardoor ook waterdicht

Elk oculair word gedurend een half uur in de fabriek onder water getest.

Goed product dus.

Een alternatief voor de Naglers

Precision polished eyepiece lenses are lowered into a bath chamber for ultrasonic cleaning to rid the lenses of dirt or other contaminants prior to the multi-layer transmission coating process.

Each eyepiece is meticulously assembled into precision machined metal lens barrels that maintain the perfect alignment of the optical train for years of rugged use in the field.The 82° Series eyepieces come with a twist-up rubber eye-guard that raise to the desired height for the comfort of the observer, and as experienced astronomers know, eye comfort is critical when trying to observe at the visual limits of the telescope.

To keep internal reflections to a minimum, all internal surfaces of the eyepiece barrel are flat black, as well as the edges of the lenses themselves to minimize the scattering of light within the lenses themselves.

In today's modern telescope industry there are many fine companies to choose from manufacturing top quality eyepieces. We invite direct side-by-side comparison with any other eyepiece of similar design, and we back our eyepieces with our exclusive Five Year Limited Warranty.* We think that you will find Explore Scientific eyepieces rank among the finest obtainable and represent an outstanding value.

*Limited Warranty is one year, extended to five years when product is registered within 60 days of purchase.

Developing our new eyepieces we wanted to take a fresh perspective and address several points. Our goal was to produce an ultra-wide angle design that provides pride of ownership at a great value:

Focus on Value - We invite direct comparison to any eyepieces on the market in their category.

Protection from the Outdoors - By making the eyepiece body nitrogen-purged and waterproof eyepiece internal elements will remain as pristine as the day they were assembled. The sealed, dry environment is impervious to internal fogging and contaminants such as fungus growing in between the lens elements. Our waterproof eyepiece is easier to clean, and there is no risk of cleaning solution migrating from the top of the lens and seeping around edges to be trapped in between elements. To insure a perfect seal we test every eyepiece in one meter of water for 30 minutes.

Creating an Identity - We look at purchasing fine optical equipment as an investment, and it should be treated as such. With a unique serial number on each eyepiece we can track when a product was made, and the owner can document their equipment for insurance and warranty purposes.

Providing Peace of Mind - Explore Scientific stands behind our products with a free 5 Year Transferrable Limited Warranty upon registration of the product. Want to trade or sell your eyepiece? You'll get more value if its remaining warranty can be transferred to the new owner.

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