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TeleVue Gib Upgrade Kit - GUK-1001

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Product Details

TeleVue Gib Upgrade Kit - GUK-1001

Until 2002, Gibraltar tripods used a 1˝" diameter bearing post in a plastic bushing pressed into the tripod head casting, for horizontal motion.

Current model Gibraltars utilize a bearing system built into the horizontal plate of the Tele Pod head. A 3/8" threaded stud goes from the Tele Pod through a 3/8" hole in the current Gibraltar Head and a lock knob and thick spacer "washer" fastens the Tele Pod to the Gibraltar casting.

The new system has several advantages:
•Bearing tension in the head is adjustable.
•The head cannot be accidentally pulled off or fall off the tripod.
•Sky Tour is attached to the head for horizontal motion, making a more secure connection and avoiding wire "wind-up" from the underside connection required in the older Gibraltar.

To use the older Gibraltar Tripod with the new Tele Pod head, the user must push out the plastic bearing tube in the Gibraltar casting and insert the aluminum bushing from the GUK in its place, using a supplied set screw to secure the bushing. The 3/8" threaded stud screws into the bottom of the Tele Pod Head, and the user then inserts the threaded rod through the bushing and secures the assembly with the Aluminum "washer" and Large Star lock knob supplied with the GUK-1001

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