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Bag for William Optics Z61 telescope
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10Micron 1000 HPS montering Standaard

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Product Details

10Micron 1000 HPS montering - Standaard

Deze montering heeft een draagkracht van 20 kg fotografisch en volgt uitermate precies door ingebouwd encoders waardoor een actief volgsysyteem eigenlijk niet meer nodig is.

The GM1000HPS Mount delivers the same phenomenal accuracy, performance, and features as it's larger siblings, in a compact highly portable package. The HPS (High Precision and Speed) absolute encoders and QCI control system deliver a level of accuracy and performance unlike any other mounting in its class. Perfect as an un-guided imaging platform for fully instrumented refractors up to 6" and Cassegrains up to 12". There is nothing like it anywhere - the accuracy, size and capacity, build quality and performance of the GM1000HPS is amazing. When we got our first chance to use this gem of a mounting we were blown away. 

With a conservative usable instrument capacity of 55 lbs, the GM1000HPS delivers rigidity, accuracy, and performance that belie its size, matching or exceeding mounts that are physically larger and heavier. The state of the art bronze worm gear drive system delivers near-zero backlash, high rigidity, and long term reliability, along with the phenomenal HPS tracking and pointing precision demanded by the most discriminating imagers.

What is HPS? Through the integration of precision absolute shaft encoders permanently mounted and calibrated to each axis, and the powerful QCI control system, the GM1000HPS is able to deliver <1 arcsec (peak-peak) tracking and 20arcsec pointing accuracy. The accuracy of the HPS system gives the imager a powerful tool that enables un-guided long exposure images. Never before has this level of accuracy been available to the amateur, at such affordable prices.


The quick alignment routines and highly reliable standalone operation enable rapid setup for a truly portable and efficient system (NO PC required for mount control!) . With a mount head weight of only 43 lbs and its compact design, the GM1000HPS takes little effort to transport and set up. When outfitted as a complete package with its rock solid Geoptik tripod and included accessories and fitted transport cases, the GM1000HPS becomes the ultimate turnkey highly-portable mounting sytem. The GM1000HPS includes an integral dual dovetail mount (Losmandy 3" and Vixen/EQ), and its single all-in-one cable avoids the tangle of RA and DEC motor/power cables that most other mounts require.

The sophisticated QCI control system and belt driven brushless F.I.S. AC servomotors deliver whisper-quiet fast slews with high pointing precision and tracking. The slew speed of up to 15 degrees/second is 3x the speed of most other GoTo mounts, enabling lightning fast slews and precision tracking of satellites (the satellite tracking function is already embedded into the control system) . Multiple hardware interfaces (including integrated LAN) and multiple standard driver protocols are compatible with all of the leading software packages, enabling fully automated operation. 

The QCI control system also includes stand-alone operation through use of its ergonomic handpad, freeing the user from the requirement of having to always use an auxiliary PC to control the instrument. Through the handpad, the stand-alone user can access all of the many integrated functions including; full Object Database, High-Precision Polar Alignment, Orthogonality Correction, Periodic Error Correction, as well as a Multi-Star Alignment which models and compensates for telescope pointing errors. A GPS module is optionally available.

Each mount is thoroughly tested as a system to ensure that its performance, accuracy, and quality meet the 10Micron standards. The engineering, design, and build quality of the GM1000HPS are unlike any other mounting in the world. The precision of the machining, quality of the components, and the level of fit and finish are breathtaking. 


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