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Apogee Ascent A2150 1920 x 1080 5.5u - Ascent-A2150

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Product Details

Apogee Ascent A2150 1920 x 1080 5.5u - Ascent-A2150

The Ascent A2150 has a 2-megapixel HD format interline transfer sensor with low noise and high quantum efficiency. The camera is available with a monochrome (A2150) or color (A2150C) sensor. Small pixels are ideal for microscopy.

1 to 16 MHz 16-Bit digitization
Binning up to 8 horizontal x 1020 height
Field upgradeable firmware
Subarray readout and fast sequencing modes
32/64 bit ActiveX drivers included with every system
Programmable cooling to 35C below ambient
External triggering and strobe controls
Programmable offset and gain
Programmable status indicators
Dual channel CCD support
Moisture free chambers
Video focus mode
Precision locking filter wheels optional

CCD Specifications
Array Size (pixels) 1920 x 1020
Pixel Size5.5 x 5.5 microns
Imaging Area10.5 x 6mm (62.7mm2)
Imaging Diagonal11mm
Linear Full Well (typical) 20K electrons
Dynamic Range64 dB
QE at 400nm32%
Peak QE (500nm) 50%
Camera System Performance
PC InterfaceUSB 2.0
Max. Cable Length5 meters between hubs, 5 hubs maximum (max. total of 30m) ; or up to 50m with icron 2.0 Ranger extender
Digital Resolution16 bits (single channel) : 3.3 and 8Mpixels/sec; 8 MHz (dual channel) : 16Mpixels/sec
System Noise (typical) 6 e- RMS at 3 MHz; 7 e- RMS at 8/16 MHz
Pixel Binning1 x 1 to 8 x 1020 on chip
Exposure Time100 microseconds to 183 minutes (2.56 microsecond increments)
Image Sequencing1 to 65535 image sequences under software control
Frame SizesFull frame, subframe, focus mode
Cooling (typical) Thermoelectric cooler with forced air. Maximum cooling 35°C below ambient temperature.
Dark Current (typical) 0.01 e-/pixel/sec (-10°C)
Temperature Stability+/- 0.1°C
Operating Environment-30° to 35°C. Relative humidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing.
Power20W maximum power with cooling maximum. AC/DC "brick" supply with int'l AC input plug (100-240V, 50-60Hz) . Alternate 6V input from user's source.
Remote TriggeringLVTTL input allows exposure to start within 25 microseconds of rising edge of trigger.
Camera Head SizeAluminum. 3.2" x 4.7" x 1.3" (8.1 x 11.9 x 3.3 cm) . Weight: 1.4 lb. (0.65 kg)
Back Focal DistanceStandard: 0.32" (0.81cm) . [optical]
Mounting1.5" x 2.5" bolt pattern, 6-32 thread. Optional C-mount (1" 32 tpi thread), Nikon F-mount, or 2" slip-fit adapters.
Op. System SupportWindows, Macintosh, Linux

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