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Orion optics UK ODK16 16 inch F6,8 Astrograph OTA
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Motic Images Advanced 3.2 (for PC only)

Prijs: 623,75 EUR

Product Details

Motic Images Advanced 3.2 (for PC only)

Our sophisticated Motic Images Plus 3.2 imaging software contains all the main features of our Motic Images Plus 2.0, but additionally it includes three different modules: Assembly, Multi-focus and Segmentation (which is a superior counting module) . Another one of our improved software is our Digilab II, advanced network solution. This software allows a teacher to have a complete overview of the classroom and control over each studentís station. It even allows him/her to share each otherís work and make corrections without the need of leaving the podium. Our Digilab II can be connected up to 48 individual Digital Microscopy systems. Main features Capture, Auto capture, Video recording Measurements Automated counting Creating reports Segmentation Assembly and Multi-Focus modules This is the most sophisticated imaging software from Motic. In addition of the Motic Images Plus 2.0 features, capture, video recording, measurement, counting and amalgamation, the Motic Advanced 3.2 includes three different modules, segmentation, multi-focus and assembly. Segmentation The superior counting module allows to perform manual segmentation by using a histogram (colour), grey scale or by selecting the size. Assembly This module can be used for creating a single overview image out of multiple separated images Multi-focus The Multi-focus module can be used to capture up to 100 images taken at different focusing levels and assemble them into a new single image in focus

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