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William Optics 73 mm F5,9 Doublet ED Apo FPL53 inc guider rings
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Omegon Apochromatic refractor AP 66/400 ED OTA

Prijs: 399,00 EUR

Product Details

Omegon Apochromatic refractor AP 66/400 ED OTA

New: This apochromatic refractor is now being shipped with a new improved linear Crayford focuser. You will benefit from its high load capacity and high precision.

This apochromatic refractor produces an especially colour-true and high-contrast image – just right for more discerning observers!

Naturalists and amateur astronomers who attach special importance to the purity of colour reproductions are very well-served by the Omegon ED 66 APO. Even at approx. 100 times magnification, annoying color aberrations no longer occur. The double-lens ED objective satisfies the most exacting requirements

Areas of application

The Omegon 66 is a very fine, compact device for discriminating observers of the natural world. You can see the finer points in the plumage of birds, or observe animals at a distance and marvel over the details that are revealed.

The small, compact device delivers excellent performance in the domain of stargazing as well. Simply panning the sky with the device is a pleasure. But details on the moon and planets are also clearly visible with this device.

Included in the scope of delivery are a 360° rotatable Cray focuser with 1:10 reduction and an aluminium transport case.

Our expert comment:

The instrument absolutely amazed us during testing. The optics gave an image virtually free of chromatic aberration. Even the finest details in a pine cone could be seen.

At 20X magnification, the 66 ED apo showed good sharpness across the entire field of view (used in conjunction with an Omegon LE 18mm eyepiece) . The telescope can be mounted onto any camera tripod (1/4" thread) and used for nature-watching.

We also found the mechanics to be excellent: the telescope comes with a high-quality 1:10 Crayford focuser. The focuser allows precise focusing even at high magnifications. With 6cm of focus travel, the near point is quite close. This means that the Omegon 66 ED can be described as universal telescope that is also useful for nature watching.

Our tip for Sky-Watchers:

2 inch eyepieces can be used in combination with a SC star diagonal.

Our tip for nature watchers:

The instrument also makes a very good spotting scope! We recommend this eyepiece with a erecting prism for seeing an upright image.

Our tip for photographers:

The telescope can be turned into a telephoto lens with high edge-definition. To do this you will need the following products: SC adapter for 2" star diagonal, field flattener for refractors and a camera-specific T-2 ring.

Tip: The telescope has a SC thread under the eyepiece holder. You get better aperture illumination using this SC thread than at 1.25 inches. We therefore recommend this camera adapter.

Product Specificaties



Type Refractor
Type of build Apochromat Doublet
Aperture (mm) 66
Focal length (mm) 400
Aperture ratio 6,1
Resolving capacity 1,74
Limit value (mag) 10,9
Light gathering capacity 90
Max. useful magnification 130

Eyepiece holder

Type of build Crayford
Connection (to eyepiece) 2 (2")
Gear reduction 1:10 Fine movement
Rotating yes


Mounting type no mount
GoTo control no
Type of build OTA
Tracking no

Included accessories

Eyepiece adaptor 1.25" - 2"


Series Pro APO
Special recommendation yes
Total weight (kg) 1,8

Area of application

Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies not recommended
Nature observation yes
Astrophotography yes
Sun not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)
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