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Altair Astro GPCAM Camera mono

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Product Details

Altair Astro GPCAM Camera mono

The GPCAMMT9M034M is an all-in-one General Purpose astronomy camera with a 1.2mpx MONO CMOS sensor. Now, you can enjoy full HD imaging at lower cost than ever before, and with all the quality and features you'd expect - driven by maturing CMOS technology.

The GP-CAM let's you image the Moon, Sun and Planets, and even deep-sky imaging. What's more - an ST4 auto-guiding port is included! Of course for autoguiding with the Altair Miniguider and Starwave optical tube range, the GPCAMMT9M034 Mono camera is ideal! You get all the sensitivity and light weight direct fitment - just like a 1.25" eyepiece. No hassle, no fuss, no adapters required. If you ever wanted to experiment with imaging the planets with colour RGB filters, or in UV or IR, the GPCAM GPCAMMT9M034M Mono is also ideally suited.

What's more, you can attach a standard C-mount lens for wide angle imaging of the sky to capture meteorites and aurora displays - or just create a video of the night sky as the earth rotates. Full ROI (Region Of Interest) support is included, allowing you to increase the frame rate to very high speeds by focusing on planets or solar features, and with the

The camera: About the size of a small eyepiece, and weighing about 70 grams, the GP-CAM packs many features into a very small form factor. The sensor is protected by a double-side Anti Reflection (AR) coated optical window, The colour camera optical window blocks UV & IR light enabling direct use with telescopes, barlow and reducer lenses. The mono camera optical window is clear to allow the user full control over what type of light they wish to pass for example narrowband imaging, Ha solar imaging, RGB planetary imaging or even UV and IR planetary imaging (reveals extreme detail) .

A built-in ST4 auto guider port is included on the rear face with 2m ST4 cable for easy connection between auto guider directly to your GOTO mount. The camera is powered through the included 2m USB 2.0 cable to reduce cable-clutter. The CNC machined aluminum housing has a standard 1.25 inch OD barrel to fit to alost any telescope focuser including the Altair Miniguider 60, 80, and Starwave 50mm guide scopes. A standard 1.25 inch eyepiece filter can be installed, such as a light pollution filter. The 1.25" barrel can can be removed to reveal a standard C-mount thread compatible with most industrial and surveillance lenses or microscope eyepiece adapters. The internal structure is designed to conduct heat away from the electronics to be dissipated through the outer housing quickly.


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