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Explore Scientific Filter Set 2 - Moon & Planets from 100mm (4")
Explore Scientific Filter Set 2 - Moon & Planets from 100mm (4")
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Altair Astro Star Wave Series 115 F7 ED Triplet APO

Prijs: 2.240,00 EUR

Product Details

Altair Wave Series optical test report: Your Altair 115mm ED Triplet APO optics are repeatedly tested and re-figured during the final stages of production, until signed off by the optician in charge of the production batch. The best quality Ohara SFPL-51 glass is used in the ED element, which is fully annealed and cooled to relieve internal stresses. Each lens cell has a serial number engraved on the front ring. Working closely with our optical technicians, we have introduced a unique multi-tier quality assurance process for all Wave Series lenses, to ensure the highest quality and lowest chromatic aberration. These lenses are modified, and are far superior to the "normal" production quality lenses offered by most manufacturers. Star tests speak for themselves, and colour correction is superb, as can be seen from the various observing reports and images taken with Wave Series refractors. Blue stars show negligible bloat in long exposure images. During the production process, a laser interferometer image is acquired in 532nm green light, and imported into fringe analysis software to create an optical test report summary. This test report is included with your telescope (see example image attached in the thumbnails below the main product image) . Each image is a "snapshot in time" of the lens on the test bench. Vibration, air currents and other environmental factors can influence the image, and the outcome of the report slightly, though these factors are minimised during testing. Providing a test report is a useful way for us to assure that our our production quality is consistent from batch-to-batch. A paper report printout is included with your telescope, which corresponds to the serial number visible on the lens (an example report is shown in the thumbnail images below the main product image, with the serial number deleted) .
Product Specificaties

115mm F805 APO specification:
  • Aperture - 115mm F805mm Focal Length
  • Resolution - 1.01 arc seconds
  • Limiting Visual Magnitude - 11.1
  • Highest Useful Magnification - 230x (atmospheric conditions permitting)
  • Air spaced ED triplet APO lens with optical test report and interferogram image
  • Fully multi coated on all optical surfaces for high transmission
  • Aluminium with white stardust paint
  • Retractable, lockable dew shield
  • New 2014 2.5" Dual speed Rack 'n Pinion focuser (360 degree rotation with Teflon tipped screws)
  • 2" to 1.25" Self-Centering Adapter
  • 1:10 ratio micro focuser knob

  • CNC machined tube rings compatible with Altair TMS M6 hole spacing.
  • Vixen format dovetail plate
  • 2" adapter with brass compression ring and two clamping screws
  • Scope Weight - approx.7.2kg including tube rings, without accessories
  • Scope Length 72cm with dewshield retracted, 88cm with dewshield extended
  • Case * Please note: The case is sold as "packaging only" and is provided with this telescope to protect it during shipping. The product guarantee does not extend to damage of the case during shipping, nor failure of the case, catches, zips, foam, or other fittings, and you are not being charged for the case when buying a telescope. If the case has absorbed damage, it is considered to have fulfilled it's function to protect the contents (which are of course guaranteed to arrive undamaged).
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