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Vixen AP (Advanced) Equatorial Mount.

Prijs: 700,00 EUR

Product Details

Vixen AP (Advanced) Equatorial Mount.

<AP Mount>
Equatorial mount with manual slow motion controls (The motion of R.A and DEC is manually controlled

Lightweight and easy-to-use mount with versatility that are satisfied with both beginners and experienced observers.

With the friction control mechanism on the AP mount, the telescope can be moved by hand quickly to your target object. You can keep tracking the object by turning the manual slow motion control knobs.
The AP mount with an optional Polar Meter which consists of a compass with bubble level and an altitude scale is convenient for locating Polaris with ease. Even the first-time telescope owner can start serious celestial observing with the AP mount.

Product Specificaties

R.A slow motion

Worm and wheel gears with 144-tooth whole circle micro movement (by hand), 58.4mm in diameter

DEC slow motion

Worm and wheel gears with 144-tooth whole circle micro movement (by hand), 58.4mm in diameter

Worm shafts

9.8mm in diameter, made of brass (Both R.A and DEC)

R.A and DEC axes

59mm in diameter, made of aluminum alloy

Number of bearings

7 pieces

Counterweight bar

20mm in diameter, made of steel

Polar alignment scope


Azimuth adjustment

Fine adjustments with twin screw knobs about 1.4 degrees per rotation, adjustable range about +/-6.5 degrees

Altitude adjustment

Latitude adjustable between 0 degree and 65 degrees, about 1.9 degrees per rotation with tangent screw

Loading weight

6 kg (maximum torque load: 150 kg-cm at a point of 25cm from the place where the RA and DEC axes cross.)


263mmH x 302mmW x 96mmD


3.6 kg (without counterweight)


Counterweight 1 kg x 1

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