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SBIG STX CCD self guider unit

Prijs: 1.299,00 EUR

Product Details

SBIG is pleased to announce the STX Guider. This new product attaches to the front of a FW7-STX filter wheel, turning it into a self-guiding filter wheel. The STX Guider is directly compatible with the AO-X adaptive optics unit

Self-guiding has long been acknowledged as the best, most accurate way to guide long exposure astrophotos, particularly with commercial SCTs. The single most common complaint however is finding bright stars when guiding through dark or narrowband filters. The STX Guider incorporates a KAI-0340 CCD with 640 x 480 pixels @ 7.4u, which attaches to the front of the STX filter wheel so that the guider picks off light from the guide stars before passing through the filters. This guiding CCD is the same sensor used in the ST-i autoguider. Moreover, the optical elements that transfer the light from the pick-off mirror to the CCD act as a 0.7X focal reducer. The result is a doubling of the field of view of the guiding CCD with a correspondingly greater selection of guide stars.

There are two smaller adjustment knobs on the STX Guider: one for focus and one for moving the pick-off mirror to avoid vignetting. A third knob on the side of the unit locks the adjustments in place once the best focus is achieved. A short cable is provided to connect the STX Guider to the remote guide head port on the camera. The STX Guider is also fully compatible with the AO-X adaptive optics accessory.

The STX Guider consumes only 1.1" of back focus, and no additional adapters are required. Weighs only 1 lb. Also works with the FW5-STX.

Product Specificaties

A/D Converter

16 bits

Adaptive Optics Option




CCD Size

4.8 mm x 3.6 mm

Computer Interface


Cooling Delta


Dark Current e/p/s at 0 C

0.5 e-/p/s


0.001-3600 sec

Filter Size


Filter Wheel Option


Full Frame Download

0.13 sec

Full Well Capacity

25,000 e-

Imaging CCD


Imaging / Pixel Array

648 px x 486 px

Internal Tracking CCD


OAG Option


OS Compatibility

Windows 32 and 64 bit OS, Mac

Pixel Digitization Rate


Pixel Size

7.4 μm



Read Noise

8.6 e-

Remote Guide Head


Self-Guiding Filter Wheel




Temperature Regulation


Total Pixels

314,928 pixels


2.2 oz

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