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Explore Scientific Filter Set 4 - Moon & Planets from 200mm (8")
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10Micron 2000 HPS 11Ultra port

Prijs: 13.390,00 EUR

Product Details

  • 4-Lines Stand-Alone Keypad with metal housing and heated screen (#1452059)
  • embedded Computer-Controller with Linux Managment System for complete remote use of the mount incl. all functions such as satellite tracking, moon feature and more
  • Interface: RS232, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
  • Connectors for: GPS, Autoguider, Keypad, Mount, Aux and Remote Switch
  • Latest QCI software (Version 2.x)
  • Connection cables, counterweight bar
  • PC Software: Virtual Keypad, Clock Sync Tool, Multi Mount, ASCOM Driver
  • Instruction manual

  • HPS stands for High Precision and Speed and the mount is an advancement of the known GM 2000 QCI of 10Micron with the same proven mechanics, however, less load-carrying capacity than this - and with it highly transportable.

    The GM 2000 HPS reaches a Satellite tracking and positioning speed from 20 degrees / sek. with an average positioning accuracy <20" and a tracking accuracy of approx. 1"/15min (peak to peak).

    The GM 2000 HPS disposes, in addition, of high-precision Absolut-Encoders on both axes which opens absolutely new possibilities. The mount never losesits orientation, even if one axis is shifted by hand. Also after a power failure no new Alignment is necessary. In the mobile company the mount is quicker and easier to instal and to align than any conventional equatorial mount.

    Product Specificaties

    NameGM 2000 HPS II (Ultraport)
    Mount typeGerman Equatorial Mount
    Weight (Ultraportable Version)~ 18,5 kg – 40 lbs + ~15 kg – 33 lbs (mount w/o acc.)
    Instrument payload capacity50 kg – 110 lbs
    Latitude range20° – 70°
    Azimuth fine adjustment range+/− 10°
    Counterweight shaft40 mm diameter, stainless steel, weight 4 kg – 9 lbs
    Axes50 mm diameter, alloy steel
    BearingsPre-loaded tapered roller bearings
    Worm wheels215 teeth, 172 mm diameter, B14 bronze
    Worms24mm diameter, tempered alloy steel, grinded and lapped
    Motors2 axes AC servo brushless
    Power supply24 V DC
    Power consumption~ 0,7 A while tracking ~ 3 A at maximum speed ~ 5 A peak
    Goto speedAdjustable from 2°/s to 20°/s
    Operational temperature range (standard)- 15° C to + 35° C + 05° F to + 95° F
    Storage temperature range- 40° C to + 50° C - 40° F to +122° F
    Transmission systemBacklash-free system with timing belt and automatic backlash recovery
    Pointing accuracy< 20" with internal 25-stars software mapping - max.100stars; possibility to use the Model Maker software for automated alignment operation.
    Average tracking accuracy~ 1" typical for 15 minutes ~ 0,6" RMS with internal 25-stars software mapping and compensation of system flexures and polar alignment errors
    Security stop+/− 30° past meridian in r.a. (software) +/− 45° past meridian in r.a. (mechanical)
    Communication portsRS–232 port; GPS port; autoguide ST-4 standard port; Ethernet 10/100/1000 port
    DatabaseStars: by Common Names, Bayer designation, Flamsteed designation, Bright Star Catalogue, SAO, HIP, HD, PPM, ADS, GCVS. Deep-sky: M, NGC, IC, PGC ,UGC limited up to mV = 16. Solar system: Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, comets, artificial satellites. Equatorial and altazimuth coordinates. User defined objects. Quick slewing positions recalls for frequent focusing or useful operation.
    Firmware featuresUser defined mount parking positions, 2stars and 3stars alignment function, up to 100 alignment stars for modeling, correction of polar alignment and orthogonality errors, estimate of average pointing error, storage of multiple pointing models, sidereal, solar and lunar tracking speed adjustable on both axes, declination-based autoguide speed correction, adjustable horizon height limit, pointing and tracking past meridian, assisted electronic balance adjustment, automatic (ClockSync proprietary software) manual or GPS time & site coordinates synchronization, leap seconds support and full accounting for the UT1-UTC timescale, configurable atmospheric refraction, direct Baader dome control via RS-232, network settings, comets and asteroids filter, multi-language interface. Remote Assist via Internet connection with dedicated server.
    Keypad controlRugged keypad with metal housing and reliable professional micro switches, Large graphic display – heated for operation under lowest temperatures, dimmable display and keyboard with back-lit keys, five information menu lines for coordinates, object information and symbols showing mount status and active external connections and accessories. All the functionality of the mount is available through the keypad without requiring an external PC
    PC controlRemote control via RS-232, Ethernet, proprietary 10Micron ASCOM driver, LX200 compatible protocol, update of firmware and orbital elements of comets, asteroids and artificial satellites via RS-232 or Ethernet, PC virtual KeyPad control panel via RS-232 or Ethernet, Integrated Wi-Fi for connection with smartphones and tablets and any wireless network
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