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Moravian G3 16200 Cooled CCD camera monochrome C2
[Moravian G3 16200 M 2]

Prijs: 4.440,00 EUR


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Product Details

Large format CCD cameras of the G3 series are designed for up to 24x36 mm (photographic “full-frame” format) CCD detectors. G3 series inherits from G2 cameras — camera handling, software control, power supply and connection to the host PC using fast USB interface is the same. Design of both series is very similar and although G3 camera head is naturally bigger, it contains all mechanics and electronics and offers only power and USB connectors. As like in the case of G2 cameras, G3 head contains mechanical shutter and integrated filter wheel for five 2-inch filters. Read noise is also limited only by CCD itself so G3 series surpasses competing products. Precisely regulated cooling achieves detector temperatures 45°C below ambient temperature even if the G3 CCDs are bigger and thermal leakage is naturally higher

CCD chip class 2

G3 CCD cameras use OnSemi KAF Full Frame CCD detectors or KAI Interline transfer CCD detectors with ABG and electronics shutter. Advanced manufacturing technologies like transparent electrodes and microlenses on the chip surface ensure high quantum efficiency. The inherent dark current of these detectors is very low compared to other scientific-grade CCDs, so the resulting image S/N ratio is very good

G3-16200 uses 16 MPx OnSemi KAF-16200 CCD with APS-H format.

Camera Electronics

16-bit A/D converter with correlated double sampling ensures high dynamic range and CCD chip-limited readout noise. Fast USB interface ensures image download time within seconds.

Maximum length of single USB cable is 5m. This length can be extended for instance to 10m by using single USB hub or USB active extender cable. Up to 100m extension can be achieved with third-party extender

Image download time depends on the CCD chip used in particular camera model. Also the read noise depends on the chip as well as on the read mode.

  • Standard read mode provides system read noise approx. 1e- above CCD chip read noise.

  • LN (Low-noise) read mode is somewhat slower (approx. 1.2×), but ensures system read noise equal or smaller than the manufacturer-specified chip read noise.

Product Specificaties

Resolution4540 (H) × 3640 (V) pixels
Pixel size6μm (H) × 6μm (V)
Image area27.2mm (H) × 21.8mm (V)
Full well capacity~41,000 e-
Dark current0.08 e-/s/pixel at 0°C
Dark signal doubling temperature


ADC resolution16 bits
Sampling methodCorrelated double sampling
Read modesStandard (STD)
 Low-noise (LN)
Horizontal binning1 to 4 pixels
Vertical binning1 to 4 pixels
Sub-frame readoutArbitrary sub-frame
Computer interfaceUSB 2.0 High Speed

USB 1.1 Full Speed compatible

CCD chip coolingThermoelectric (Peltier modules)
TEC modulesTwo stages
Max. delta T50°C below ambient maximum
 45°C below ambient typical
Regulation precision0.1°C
Hot side coolingAir cooling (two 50mm fans)
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