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Omegon ADC atmospheric dispersion corrector
Omegon ADC atmospheric dispersion corrector
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Lunatico Astronomia Seletek DRAGONFLY observatory controller

Prijs: 450,00 EUR

Product Details

The Dragonfly is the evolution of our successful Firefly to provide complete remote control of a roll-off-roof observatory (dome control to be announced). With a free Dragonfly smartphone app and ZeroConfiguration network system. It's been heavily noise – isolated to avoid any reliability problems, and its software is the more versatile around:

ASCOM dome interface compatible: will run a script for every ASCOM message (open, close, query roof

  • Can run a script every time a sensor becomes active or inactive
  • Also every time a relay becomes open or close
  • Has a remote control panel for manual operation of the relays and monitor of the sensors
  • 100% user configurable

Being script based (well documented) it's the perfect companion for any automated imaging software (such as CCDCommander, CCD Autopilot, ACP, …), as it can complement missing features or carry on additional security tasks:

  • Check if the mount is parked before closing (or opening) the roof
  • Parking it if it's not
  • Check weather status (using AAG CW relay output) for added security
  • It can even reset the PC if it becomes unresponsive

It has 8 power relays (4 normally open, 4 double), and 8 inputs that will work with a variety of contact or
proximity sensor.

Technical specifications:

  • Manages 8 relays (4 of them double NO/NC, and 4 NO), to switch DC or AC
  • 8 input sensors: magent, contact, etc
  • Extremely protected against noise
  • Direct network connection (ethernet)
  • Power requirements: 12V (up to 24V is ok), D.C., less than 1A required, standard 5.5 / 2.1mm jack, inner positive.
  • Size: 135 * 48 * 244 mm. box only (total mounted 157 * 57 * 244 mm.)

Included in the delivery:

  • DragonFly controller
  • Banana male connector (16 units)
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