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Pegasus moterfocus kit SCT and Edghe 6 /8 /9.25 and hand/pc controller
[pegasus SCT full kit]

Preis: 390,00 EUR

Produkt Details

What the Motor Focus Kit SCT package includes: High resolution geared stepper motor (Step Angle 7.5, Deg 120, Gear Ration 1:120). Its gearbox has very low backlash and high torque suitable to focus in micron scale. Blue Aluminium Anodised Bracket for Celestron SCT Telescopes 20cm 2GT Timing Belt 13 mm Pulley 2GT (6”,8”,9.25”) or 22mm Pulley 2GT (11” ,14” Celestron) Bolts Pegasus Astro Dual Motor Focus Controller v3 Focus fast, reliable and accurate your telescope using a stepper or DC motor and our controller. Backlash Compensation Controller can compensate the backlash you might encounter in your system. Although our motor has very low backlash other setups might need this feature. Backlash compensation is supported from a function inside controller’s firmware. ASCOM compliant The controller is fully compatible with latest ASCOM 6 and can easily be controlled from a computer.
Produkt Spezifikationen

12Volt DC (Can accept 5V for 5V motors) Motor Compatibility DC motor – adjustable frequency PWM Unipolar stepper motors Bipolar stepper motors Motor Output DC motor, max 1 Amp Unipolar / stepper motors, max 2.0 Amps (1.0 Amps per phase)Continuous output current per channel: 1 A Peak output current per channel: 3 A Continuous paralleled output current: 2 A USB Connectivity USB 2.0 Type B plug Thermal Sensor Resolution 9-bit Celsius temperature measurements Power Input Connector 2.1mm Centre Positive Socket Motor Connector RJ45 Dimensions 66mm x 66mm x 28 mm
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