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Omegon Maksutov telescope MC 90/1250 OTA

Prijs: 169,00 EUR

Product Details

Product description:

Omegon 90mm Maksutov - Compact spotting scope for nature, astronomy and travel

Nature-watching with a telescope or spotting scope is a most satisfying experience. The Mak-90 shows you a wealth of detail. It does not matter whether you are enthralled watching a bird 50 meters away, or amazed observing the Moon 380,000 km away - the Skywatcher mak is excellent for both nature-watching and astronomy. Observe nature to beyond the limits of the horizon.


The advantages in a nutshell:

  • compact mirror telescope with a short overall length
  • all-in-one: shipped direct in a rucksack - ready to use
  • multi-coating for high contrast
  • the 90mm aperture makes it also useful at twilight
  • accepts a wide range of 1.25" accessories- independent of manufacturer
  • find instead of searching - with its 8x21 finder scope
  • fits on any photo tripod
  • a GP rail makes it easy to attach to an astronomical mount


Take a bead on the moon and planets

There is a lot to discover up there in the night sky. The telescope reveals details to you that you cannot see with the naked eye. For example, the planets - observe the rings of Saturn, the Galilean moons of the gas giant Jupiter, or the phases of the hot planet Venus. Or take a walk on the Moon and discover its thousands of craters.


Small and compact - ideal for outdoor use

The Skywatcher Mak 90 is particularly compact and so is ideal for nature-watching. It is quickly assembled for any kind of observing. Since the OTA fits in a small backpack, it is always ready for any adventure. Whether on a hike, traveling on vacation or even on a planned excursion - just grab the backpack and you have everything you will need.


Flip-mirror for photography and relaxed observing

Observing and photographing together, is that possible? This is quite simple with the 90mm Maksutov because while observing with an eyepiece, you can simultaneously be connected to a camera. You can switch over between camera and eyepiece in just seconds. In general, you can either attach the eyepiece at the top and comfortably observe at a 90° angle or connect it 'in line'. The use of an Amici prism or star diagonal is also possible.


A real choice of eyepieces

Select the astronomical eyepiece to give the magnification you want. You can choose from countless eyepieces over a wide range of quality. You are not even limited to one manufacturer, because the connection used is the standard for astronomical eyepieces - 1.25 inches.


Find more about which eyepieces would be useful under 'Telescope accessories'.


Easily locate your object through the finder scope

A small 8x21 finder scope makes it easier for you to find the objects you want to observe. Simply aim at the object, you can then recognize it through the finder scope and bring it into the middle of the field of view with the built-in crosshairs. Finding objects is always quick and intuitive.


Take a photo!

Take out the star diagonal and insert the camera! It is straightforward to connect a camera to your spotting scope. The Mak90 has a T2 thread, which lets you easily connect your DSLR camera. You only need the T2 ring specific to your camera model. Keep the images you want forever.

Product Specificaties

Type Reflector
Type of build Maksutov
Aperture (mm) 90
Focal length (mm) 1250
Aperture ratio (f/) 13,9
Resolving capacity 1,28
Limit value (mag) 11,6
Light gathering capacity 170
Max. useful magnification 180
Tube weight (kg) 1,6
Tube construction Full tube


Connection ( to eyepiece) 1,25"
Type of build Internal


Mounting type no mount
Type of build OTA
GoTo control no
Tracking no

Included accessories

Miscellaneous Backpack
Finder scope 5x24


Total weight (kg) 1,6

Area of application

Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies no
Nature Observation yes
Astrophotography yes
Sun not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

recommended for

Beginners no
Advanced yes
Observatories no
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