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Starlight Xpress Trius-SX825 - monochrome CCD camera,
[100 0051]

Prijs: 1.535,00 EUR

Product Details

The TRIUS range of cameras was introduced in 2014. These were the first cameras on the market to incorporate a powered USB 2.0 hub in the rear of the camera to enable the user to connect their USB filter wheel and guide camera directly to the camera rather than multiple cables back to the computer -
The new TRIUS PRO series are redesigned to the electronics to give even lower read-noise figures and faster downloads. With the Sony CCD cameras, we are now getting read-noise figures that are better than CMOS cameras (when used at unity gain), along with 16bit data and significantly better dark-noise figure thanks to the impressive cooling. Dark frames really are a thing of the past, making calibration frames optional rather than compulsory, giving you more time to capture data and process your images.

Starlight Xpress has always been renowned for small, compact, innovative designs, along with excellent build quality. The new Trius range of deep-sky, cooled CCD cameras has just taken these values to a whole new level.

In addition to the already super low-noise performance of the previous generations of SXV, SXVF, & SXVR cameras, the NewsTrius range is even better, whilst still offering fast download times.

Remarkably, they have also managed to incorporate a complete powered USB hub into the main camera, which offers 3x USB 2.0 ports at the rear of the camera. Each port is capable of delivering up to 200 mA, thus able to drive a Lodestar,SuperStar or CoStar for guiding leaving another two USB ports for a USB filter wheel and one other peripheral. This integration greatly reduces the number of cable trails back to the computer and gives less potential for cables tangling around the mount during your imaging session.

New Peltier cooler combinations have been designed into the Trius cameras, along with an argon-filled CCD chamber,allowing a greater differential cooling delta to be achieved. The two fans for recooling are throttled and thus causing little noise.

Product Specificaties

Sensor type:
Sony ICX825 ExView HAD CCD II
Sensor design:
Interline-transfer CCD
Sensor dimensions:
9 mm x 6.7 mm
Sensor diagonal:
11.2 mm
Pixel number:
1.4 MPixel active
Pixel array:
1360 x 1024 Pixels
Pixel size:
6.45 µm x 6.45 µm
Readout Noise:
<7 e- RMS, typical 5 e-
Data Format:
16 bits
Download time:
2 s
two stage TE, 55 K below environment
activ, 2 throttled 40 mm fans
T2, 2", 1.25"
Distance T2-thread to sensor:
approx. 17 mm
Dimensions H x W x L:
75 mm x 92 mm x 110/76 mm (1,25"/T2)
ca. 500 g
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