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Explore Scientific / Losmandy G-11 UPGRADE (wire less) with Explore Scienti

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Product Details

The Explore Scientific G-11 Upgrade Kit allows the owner of a Losmandy G-11 to upgrade to the ExploreScientific/Losmandy G-11 with PMC-Eight GoTo System, thus allowing the G-11 to be controlled by any ASCOM compatible software. This upgrade can be applied to any Losmandy G-11, be it an older or current model regardless of whether it has the Gemini system - - INCLUDING non-tracking, non-motorized versions. 
To learn more about the features of the upgraded G-11 see the product description of the Explore Scientific/Losmandy G-11 with PMC-Eight GoTo System.
Note that prior to install the PMC-Eight on your G11 some slight mechanical changes are necessary which can be done at almost every machine shop. Please read the installation guide to get more information. Modification and installation is always up to consumer.
The hardware components included in this upgrade include motor housings, two flex couplers for direct connection to the worm blocks, two stepper motors, the Losmandy RA Extension (the 0.6" saddle plate extension is not necessary with our setup), a PMC-Eight controller, a PMC-Eight mounting adapter, two durable serial cables, an AC adapter, and Explore Scientific™s free ExploreStars software.
See the Software Link to download and learn more about then PMC-Eight, ExploreStars App and the ASCOM driver. A Losmandy G-11 that has been upgraded with the Explore Scientific G-11 Upgrade Kit can be controlled by any ASCOM compatible software or by ExploreStars, which is provided by Explore Scientific at no charge. Regardless of which software is used, communication with the PMC-Eight can be either hardwired or wireless. Moreover, due to Explore Scientific’s open-architecture approach to the PMC-Eight, tech savvy users can develop their own controlling software and expand the role of the PMC-Eight to fulfill their individual needs.
We also include the Losmandy G11 RA Extension Kit so you can slew past the meridian and disassemble the RA and Dec axis for easier transport.
To start using ExploreStars app, download the free app and download the celestial data set that contains the astronomical catalogs, reference images, and reference text. Simply by unzipping the ExploreStars folder containing the expanded celestial data set into your Pictures directory, you will expand the native database from a thousand objects to over seventy thousand objects.

Upgrade kit with PMC-Eight Goto for all Losmandy G11 mounts
All components required for the conversion are included
Unique PMC-8 Open Goto System
Beautiful full graphical user interface using our very own ExploreStars OpenGoto
Wifi controlled by Tablet, Notebook or Desktop PC with 7" or larger display, and Wifi function (not included)
Needed system software of optional computer or tablet: WIN8.1, WIN10 or Android 4.4 or higher
Classic four-button pattern for guiding, centering, moving and slewing on the touch screen
Intuitive 2 star and 3 star alignment procedure
Multiprocessor Micro Controller with 8 CPU´s
Micro-Stepper Motors NEMA-16
ASCOM + INDI Driver available: YES , supports also Pulse-Guiding
GPS-compatible and auto time / date settings are dependent on optional receiver on computer or tablet
Explore Scientific Open GOTO PMC-8 upgrade kit
PMC-Eight controller box with mounting adapter
Two stepper motors with housing
Two flex couplers for direct connection to the worm blocks
Losmandy RA Extension
Two durable serial cables
AC adapter 240V / 12V 3A
Installation guide and user manual via download
Explore Scientific™s free ExploreStars software via download
ASCOM + INDI Driver via download
IMPORTANT NOTE: This package doesn´t include any WINDOWS/iOS/Android Computer or Tablet.
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