Roll-off observatories are a definite cost-effective alternative for those who do not want, or for whatever reason, cannot have a dome. This type of observatory has all the advantages of a clamshell dome: a vast and almost unrestricted night sky and easy operation.

A roll-off roof observatory is the ideal observatory for your own garden or for astronomy club observatories. In the form of a small cabin, it blends inconspicuously and aesthetically into the landscape and when the roof is rolled off, it offers the best sky-view imaginable!

Other advantages of the roll-off roof observatory:

  • A roll-off roof observatory not only protects your equipment, but also shields you from unwanted glare from the neighborhood lights and cold wind. The observatory is easily accessible and provides enough room for you to stand upright without hitting your head.
  • Unlike a slit-dome design, a roll-off roof observatory will not obstruct your field of view. With the roof rolled off, you have a view of the entire sky.
  • The observatory provides plenty of storage space and room for a table or other furniture. The porch of the observatory can be appealingly furnished.

The high-end GreenLine roll-off roof observatory opens up new possibilities for your own garden or roof observatory. GreenLine roll-off roof observatories offer sufficient space for telescopes with an aperture of up to 20 inches!


The GreenLine observatory can be ordered in different sizes and with different features. The easily retractable roof simultaneously lowers the rear wall to ensure an optimal view of the horizon.

The optional fire-delaying wood treatment also protects against insects (especially termites and xylophages) and fungus.

All observatories come with sliding doors for safety reasons.

The made in Europe Dome Parts GreenLine observatories are professionally designed and built roll-off observatories and are available in several sizes, with or without motorization/automation, with 32mm or 44mm wall thickness and with or without wood treatment for optimized weather/fungus/insects protection. For every situation a suitable roll-off observatory is available. Do you have custom needs? Please contact Robtics for details.

All bigger GreenLine roll-off observatories come with movable rear walls that run in sync with the roof, to offer an optimal FOV on the southern (or northern!) horizon. A lockable, sliding door is standard. Special doors on request. An optional roof drive and control systems make this a fine and versatile remote observatory. Control systems can come with USB or Ethernet ports for PC control and remote operation.

Dome Parts Optical GreenLine - Roll-off roof motorization


  • Superior construction
  • User friendly: manually operated roof
  • Space-saving, folded rear shutter
  • Now with dual slanted roof
  • Very durable
  • Spacious
  • 32mm or 44mm wall thickness
  • Holds telescopes up to 20" or even multiple telescope setups!
  • Quality sliding door
  • 100% DIY
  • Affordable
  • Optional protecting wood treatments and motorized roof drives are available!


There are different sized models available suitable for every need and every budget!

  • Micro MS-20: 1.75x17.5M manually operated roll-off roof
  • Mini: 1.60x1.60M with optional motorized roll-off roof
  • Medium: 2.25x2.25M with optional motorized roll-off roof
  • Big: 2.75x2.75M with optional motorized roll-off roof
  • Mega: 3.50x3.50M with optional motorized roll-off roof

Robtics is exclusive Benelux distributor

Robtics is proud to be exclusive distributor of Dome Parts Optical Greenline roll-off observatories for The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. All Dome Parts Optical GreenLine observatories are customizable. Please contact Robtics for details.

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