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The new Explore Scientific BT series of giant binoculars offers a unique viewing experience when observing the starry sky, nature and landscape with its light gathering optics and the included high-quality Explore Scientific 62° LER eyepieces. The optionally available U-mount with tripod offers a stable base and is always with you on every excursion thanks to its low weight and transport dimensions.

Observe the beauty of the starry sky at night and distant objects in nature during the day. Globular star clusters, glowing gas nebulae, the moon with its craters and even planets can be observed perfectly on a clear night. But also all other objects far away in nature and landscape, even ships and aircrafts can be seen in detail. With the all-round binoculars of the Explore Scientific BT series, you can get up close and see it all. Thanks to the large, light-gathering objective lenses and the ultra-modern coatings on all lens surfaces, these binoculars produce bright and brilliant images even at night and at twilight, providing a special viewing experience. The comfortable 45 degree viewing angle allows fatigue-free use even when the binoculars are tilted strongly.

  • Large light gathering binoculars with 70 to 120 mm objective lens diameter
  • Observation of the starry sky and terrestrial objects
  • Comfortable 45 degree view and with single focus
  • wo high-quality Explore Scientific 62 degree LER eyepieces 20 mm included
  • BT giant binoculars models:
    • BT-70: 0114200 Explore Scientific BT-70 Giant Binocular
    • BT-82: 0114210 Explore Scientific BT-82 Giant Binocular
    • BT-100: 0114220 Explore Scientific BT-100 Giant Binocular
    • BT-120: 0114230 Explore Scientific BT-120 Giant Binocular
  • Optional accessories: Part No. 0114300 Explore Scientific U-mounting with field tripod

Explore Scientific U-mounting with field tripod

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