Robtics is proud to announce five brand new Robtics reflector telescopes! Two dobsonian telescopes and three newtonian telescopes are added to the growing list of Robtics astronomical products. Robtics telescopes are designed to be both optically and mechanically of high quality and these telescopes are among the best in the not top-price-range market!

Robtics Robson dobsonian telescopes

To start off we introduce the Robson-200 and the Robson-250. A high quality dobsonian available in an 8 inch F6 and 10 inch F5 version. Both are a joy to work with and come well equipped. Check the product pages for more in depth information about the Robson telescopes!

Robtics Photo Newtons

Robtics introduces two Robtics Photo Newtons. These are newtonian designed telescopes optimized for astrophotography and are available in a 6 inch F4 and an 8 inch F4 version. They both come with a 2 inch Crayford dual speed focuser and an enlarged secondary mirror in order to better illuminate larger chips. Telescope rings, a deluxe dovetail and a 8x50 finder scope are all included. The 20 cm version also has a cooling fan on the primary mirror. Check the product pages for more in depth information about the Robtics Photo Newton telescopes!

Robtics Newton

The final addition to the Robtics family is a 6 inch F5 newtonian telescope. This telescope is great for observing as well as astrophotography. It comes with telescope rings, deluxe dovetail and a 6x30 finder scope. Check the product page for more in depth information about the Robtics Newton telescope!

Robtics Reflector Telescopes

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